Marketing Sponsorship Packages

Motorsport sponsorship presents a fantastic opportunity to get your brand in front of your target audience, with the ultimate goal being to build brand awareness. If your logo and design work is visible to the right people at the right time, then the possibilities are endless for the success of your marketing campaign.

Motorsport Funding Provides Brand Awareness

One of the reasons that motorsport sponsorship packages are so attractive as a form of advertising, is because there is tremendous potential to appeal to your target audience before, during and after a race. Followers of the event will already have noticed your brand advertised on distribution materials, social media, and website images of the cars before the race has even begun. During the race, as a sponsor you’ll have your logo and emblem branded on a key area of the car, depending on the type of motorsport sponsorship package you’ve chosen. Then following the race, there are fantastic opportunities to engage with motorsport fans and prospective new customers, by interacting with them on our Skull Club social media network. Put simply, the more you place your marketing campaigns in front of people, the more recognisable you will be to them and you’ll garner plenty of attention for your brand.

Car Sponsors UK Connect with Audience on and Offline

The beauty of motorsport sponsorship with Skull Club is that we offer packages built with plenty of offline and online features. You may want to place your brand in front of the millions watching a race on national TV, but then connect to a more niche following later using social media channels. Motorsport funding ensures that you have access to fans and consumers in a variety of arenas and can engage with them on their favoured platforms.

Motorsport Sponsorship Benefits for B2B

Of course, motorsport sponsorship isn’t just about reaching an audience of fans and consumers – it’s also about creating B2B prospects too. Investing in motorsport funding provides the chance to network with prospective business partners too. Skull Club can set up formal introductions between likeminded brands with shared business interests, and you may also meet other organisations in the hospitality arenas on race days. Corporate motorsport sponsorship provides you with VIP offers such as tickets or race days which are a fantastic way to entertain clients and extend your business relationship beyond the office environment.

As a team partner, you can choose from either of these marketing packages, where each vehicle on track will have the following potential sponsor opportunities:

Package 1

First tier – Premier Sponsor. (x1 Main sponsor only)

Main branding on the car(s). We will use Joyce Design’s expertise to create an eye-catching livery to promote the main sponsor. The main sponsor will be entitled to 50% of the coverage of the car and we will adopt the colour scheme of the main sponsor on the car /cars for the whole season.

Package 2

Second tier – Sponsor. (x4 sponsor only)

The second-tier sponsors' branding will be strategically placed on the car(s) to offer the best positions for photographs and TV coverage. This package is ideal for companies that want to increase their marketing however have a limited budget.

Package 3

Team Partners (x10 sponsors only)

Many team partners may not offer a cash sponsorship however will offer expertise and product in return for marketing and advertising. Additional mandatory championship logos will need to be applied to the car livery.

Included in ALL Team Partner packages are the following additional marketing opportunities:

  • National TV coverage (subject to broadcasting rights)
  • On-line streaming
  • Videos posted to social media
  • Facebook Live
  • Opportunities for B2B introductions to be made via hospitality at the race circuits
  • Social media exposure through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Additional packages on offer to our Partners and Car Sponsors UK wide:

  • Full hospitality and tickets for all VW Racing Cup rounds
  • Press releases
  • Track driving experiences with the drivers and corporate events
  • VIP tickets for British Touring Car rounds via our team partner Power Maxed Racing
  • Opportunities for photo-shoots of the drivers and cars for promotional campaigns
  • Additional branding on drivers' race helmet, race suit and press materials

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